SNB Spray Wand and Bottle

If you have your own compressor, SNB is a quick and less expensive option to spray electrostatically.  This sprayer is ideal for hospitals, schools, hazmat locations, and fire department applications.  Two one-liter Nalgene bottles are included, which bottles can be attached on a hip belt, or hand-held, for 15 minutes of spraying time each.

Key Features

  • Spray wand and Bottle
  • The customer is responsible to purchase a compressor either separately or through ESS;
  • and arrange for necessary connections to attach the air hose to the compressor.
  •  Compatible with all conventional chemicals and fungicides
  •  2 -One Liter Nalgene Bottles

Technical Specifications

  • Nozzles: 1 MaxCharge™ electrostatic spray gun
  • External Air Supply Required: Not Provided- Compressor must provide a minimum of 4 CFM
  • Standard Hose Length: 25 feet air hose; standard
  • Bottles: 2 -One Liter Nalgene Bottles Included
  • Weight Full:  9 lbs.
  • Liquid Flow Rate: 1 gallon per hour
  • Drop Size: 40 Microns
  • Spray Range: up to 8 feet; depending on compressor
  • Additional Options: 50 feet of additional hose can be added, providing a maximum length of 75 feet. Stainless Steel connections
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