Modular Electrostatic Disinfection System Powered By MaxCharge

ESS Is A Proud Partner Of MEDS!

MEDS IS Revolutionizing Disinfectant Delivery.

The MEDS unit is the first and only fully integrated and mounted Electrostatic Disinfection system of its kind. Scientifically proven as a superior method of disinfectant delivery, the patented MaxCharge nozzle delivers the fastest and widest-ranging coverage available.

This spray system is perfect for ambulances, professional medical spaces, and mass transit systems. The unit is equipped with an electrostatic nozzle, compressor, and pressurized steel tank. This internally mounted system provides ease of use with the simple activation of two switches.

The MEDS Advantage


Not just the superior method for delivering disinfect, the cost-effective choice, also. Conventional sprayers and foggers do not create a charged particle. This increases pooling and drifting, which in turn increases waste and cost. With less than 2 gallons of solution, the MEDS unit will provide up to 120 microburst applications. Users have reported a 40% reduction in cleaning times and cost. 


Not too small, not too big…just right.  Size matters when looking for optimal disinfection.  Our patented MaxCharge electrostatic nozzle creates a droplet in the range of 40 microns.  This size is ideal for accepting a positive charge and targeting nearby surfaces utilizing the wrap-around electrostatic process.  Electrostatic spraying is up to 10 times more efficient than conventional spraying methods.   


The MEDS unit will fully disinfect your workspace and get you back in service in a little as 7 minutes.  Fully integrated into your vehicle without the clumsy hoses and quick-connect, simply activate two switches, and let the MEDS unit do the rest.  Take away all fear of contamination to your staff.  No wiping, no manpower necessary.


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