• 28-36 MaxCharge™ air-assisted electrostatic nozzles
  • Efficient and effective ultra-low volume sprayer (40-micron droplet size) with minimum drift
  • Supercharged blower means the spray goes higher and further
  • Control Box with valve control and easy-to-see electrostatic charge indicators
  • Compatible with most conventional chemicals and fungicides
  • Sprayer flow rate 1.33 -1.71gal/min (5.03 -6.47 L/min) Example: 4 mph at 10 ft centers equals an application rate of 17-21 gal/acre (159 -196 liters/hectare)
  • Excellent tree canopy and “under the leaf” coverage
  • Compact easy 3-point hitch construction; PTO powered
  • Fully adjustable spray bars to contour any tree canopy
  • Requires 65 HP tractor minimum
  • OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: When placing your order please advise if you want to add the vertical lift boom to your new 150SR.