Battery—Powered Disinfection Sprayer in a Suitcase

For disinfecting schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and public facilities.  Self-contained “suitcase-style” sprayer on four wheels for easy mobility.  Equipped with a liquid one-gallon internal tank.  The spray wand receives electric power from the base unit battery.  No need to recharge the spray wand…just recharge the main battery in the base unit.

Key Features

  • Compact, Suitcase style sprayer, Four wheels
  • Self Contained
  • Durable Wheeled Case with Extendable Handle
  • Air Supply Included
  • Compatible with all conventional chemicals and fungicides
  • One-gallon internal tank

Technical Specifications

  • Nozzles: 1 MaxCharge™ electrostatic spray gun
  • Air Supply Required: Air supply included, with improved “sidewall” air hose quick connection
  • Battery Type: 24-volt battery, with top-mounted “on/off” switch
  • Battery Run Time: 1 1/2 Hours
  • Standard Hose Length: 5 ft to 6 ft
  • Weight Full (1 nozzle): 65 lbs. (full tank)
  • Dimensions: 28″H x 19″W x 12″D  (72 cm x 49 cm x 31 cm)
  • Liquid Flow Rate: 80-100 ml per minute
  • Drop Size: 40 Microns
  • Spray Range: 4-6 feet