MaxCharge Electrostatic Sprayers Deliver Twice the deposition efficiency of traditional hydraulic sprayers and foggers

ESS offers an extensive line of agricultural sprayers for most grower’s needs with everything from small garden sprayers to large row crop units. The air-assisted electrostatic sprayers produce droplets 900 times smaller than those produced by conventional or hydraulic sprayers. After tiny droplets are atomized they are then given an electrical charge they are carried deep into the plant canopy in a turbulent air-stream. The result provides more than twice the deposition efficiency of traditional hydraulic sprayers and foggers.

The electrostatic charge, though safe, pulls the spray towards the plant is up to 75 times greater than the force of gravity. Droplets change direction and move upwards against gravity to coat all of the plant surfaces. The “wrap-around” effect also causes the spray to cling to the surface rather than being blown past the target, drifting away, or falling to the ground.

Electrostatic sprayers achieve greater spray coverage by combining air turbulence with tiny, evenly-sized spray droplets. Testing by four major universities, comparing ESS with conventional and air-blast sprayers, shows 300% better spray penetration and coverage on hidden areas and dense foliage. Better spray coverage equates to lower chemical consumption and faster investment payback. Most growers can reduce chemical costs by 25-50% and still see effective results from their spray program. ESS sprayers are the answer for combating some of the worst agricultural problems like thrips, aphids, downy mildew, mealybugs, early blight, late blight, and listeria. The electrostatic spraying combined with less chemicals can also give you excellent results when trying to control weeds and other unwanted plant growth. Look through our complete list below and let us know which one is right for you!

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