Mission Statement

We at ESS are dedicated to the achievement of excellence and believe that certain basic values form the foundation of this philosophy.

People: We believe that our people are the heart and soul of the company, and as such as we must be both individually and collectively dedicated t the achievement of excellence. Therefore, we strive to provide a good place to work, where all employees are treated with fairness, respect and dignity. Accordingly, each employee should be listened to and recognized so that each might have the opportunity to grow and achieve their personal potential. We also believe each employee should receive fair and adequate compensation for the services performed.

Customers: We believe that a dedication to excellence requires more than merely providing a quality product or Service. It means that every employee, regardless of position, must realize the integral part each plays in customer relations.

Ethics: We believe that it is not enough for ESS or its employees to merely meet the minimum standards of moral and ethical conduct, but rather we commit ourselves to set a higher standard of conduct, consistent with our “dedication to excellence.”

Suppliers: Quality suppliers are essential to ESS’s success. We are committed to long term relationships built on fairness and mutual respect.

Stockholders: We believe the stockholders deserve a fair return on their investment. Thus, corporate strategy and planning must be based on long-term profitability in order that we might honor this commitment. We believe that a commitment to profitability must be accompanied by a commitment to growth and improvement. This growth will then create new opportunities and rewards for stockholders and employees alike.

Community and Social: We believe in being good neighbors and good citizens. Accordingly, we encourage all employees, stockholders, customers and suppliers to join with ESS in supporting and participating in deserving community and civic obligations. We believe that we must all uphold and defend the American way of life.