Complete Confident Coverage

Complete under leaf
coverage for many

pests such as aphids

and mosquitos!

Upgrade your


Reduce Environmental

Impact With Superior

Spray Technology

Protect from H1N1, staphylococcus, e-coli, C. Diff,

norovirus, rotovirus, MRSA, salmonella, swine flu,

and many other viruses and bacteria.

ESS Sprayer Coverage

  • On Plants
  • Off Plants
  • Undetermined

Conventional Sprayer Coverage

  • On Plants
  • Off Plants
  • Undetermined

Quick Facts About Our Electrostatic Sprayers

  • 40 micron droplets 

  • Low volume 

  • Greatly reduces water usage 

  • Less fuel usage; through fewer tank refills

  • Many different models custom built to meet your needs

  • Deep spray penetration – air assist moves droplets into the plant 

  • Active ingredient usage is reduced by 25-50% 

  • Quick drying time – less drift

  • Ceramic nozzle

  • Optional flow discs to vary flow rate 

BP2 ESS Handheld Sprayer
80SR20 DB row crop position

What our customers have to say:

We used ten times less water and get better coverage. We saved enough on chemicals to pay for the sprayer in four months.
Mark DuboisBoynton Beach, FL
"I keep my nozzles about 12 inches above the canopy facing forward and vine kill is excellent."
Dennis LawBritish Columbia, Canada
"Our leaf surface coverage is improved with the ESS Sprayer. We are saving 25–30% on pesticides."
R.E. Hendericks & Son
"We used Bravo, Manzates and Diathanes on our onions & cabbage. We have saved 25–30% on our pesticides and improved our disease control and bug kill."
McNair & Powell Farms

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