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Quick facts of ESS Sprayers

  • 40 micron droplets

  • Low volume

  • Greatly reduces water usage

  • Less fuel usage; through fewer refills of tank

  • Many different models custom built to meet your need

  • Deep spray penetration – air assist gets droplets into the plant

  • Chemical usage is reduced by 25-50%

  • Quick drying time – less drift

  • Ceramic nozzle

  • Optional flow discs to vary flow rate


"The coverage on our berries has been outstanding and the chemical savings has made the sprayers well worth the investment." Berries - Oct, 2011
MikeDB Farms
"...When we first ran the ESS sprayer in our orange grove without the electrostatic charge turned on, the amount of mist produced was 10 times that of our old fogger and when my operator turned on the 'Charge' switch all the mist went to the tree canopy like a magnet—very impressive. Canopy penetration was just what we were looking for. That little demonstration sold me on the sprayer's potential..." Citrus - Sep, 2011
Skip MillerLake Crescent Organic Citrus
"The ESS sprayer is a very well built machine. In the past three years we have had no problems other than replacing one gauge. There is very little maintenance except for general cleaning. It works very well with all our crops such as lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage and spinach. Since we have been using the ESS sprayer we have been steadily reducing our spray bills per acre each year. The biggest advantage we have seen is the reduced disease pressure and increased crop quality in all our vegetables. We spend less time in the field spraying due to less fill-up time because of the low volume (gpa) rates per acre." — Eric Hensel
Eric HenselHensel Farms
"We completely are impressed with the service and performance of our ESS sprayer. Not only are we saving 30 to 35% on chemicals, we have noticed our row crops have been larger and healthier this season . We also saw a substantial increase in size, color and quality of our grapes this year, we can only conclude this is to the increased penetration and coverage we receive from the electrostatics on our ESS sprayer. Great Machine!" Grapes - Oct, 2011
David SarabianSarabian Farms
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